Gianni Chiriatti


Officina Meridionale Kaliani

“By chance we appeared to ourselves”

 Gianni Chiriatti, artist name “Borgagne”, was born in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in 1973. He spent his childhood between his birthplace and Salento, his current place of residence. From an early age he felt a total lack of interest in school preferring the natural settings of his territory, in fact he only reaches the grade 12.

During his youth he worked at an artisanal herbalist, he specialized in the transformation of Salento’s wild plants. This intense relationship with nature will lead him to express himself through painting, because: “Lo odore della pianta è il pensiero dello essere trasferito sulla tela.” The scent of plant is the thought of being transferred into the canvas.

He’s a self-taught and multifaceted artist. He likes to express himself not only with painting but also through photography, videos and installations. 




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